Situated near the Arctic Circle on the watersheds of the Arctic Red and Cranswick Rivers in the northern MacKenzie Mountains of the Northwest Territories, the nearly 10,000 square mile area is only accessible by bush aircraft. The remoteness of our huge outfitting area contributes to its beauty and abundance of wildlife. Both our crew and our clients take great satisfaction in traveling on foot through this wild country, often walking in places that no human being has ever been before. We have the exclusive rights to outfit hunters in this vast area. We believe in quality over quantity, and so have always limited the number of clients we take each season,to maintain a very low harvest rate on any of the species of game we hunt. We are also very committed to seeking out the oldest age class animals to harvest, insuring that there are always plenty of mature animals in the population. The immense size of our concession also allows us to hunt new areas all the time, and any given part of our area may go years between hunting parties.



Travel to our hunting area is actually very easy, as regular jet service can bring you north. Due to the jet schedule, and the connecting flights, it will normally take two days to get to our base camp from most U.S. starting points. To get here, you will fly to Edmonton, Alberta, which is a major international airport, with many air carrier options. Normally, you will overnight there at one of the many convenient hotels near the airport, and then catch one of the two morning flights to Norman Wells, NWT. There are currently two carriers operating on the Edmonton- Norman Wells route, and these are Canadian North and FirstAir, both of which offer early morning flights north.

For most hunts, you will then overnight in Norman Wells at the Heritage Hotel, which is a newer establishment, and offers great service. First thing the following morning, you’ll board the pre-arranged bush charter flight we will have scheduled for you, which will bring you to the hunting area. From base camp, we will transport you within the hunting area in one of our company fixed-wing aircraft. We operate  a fully licensed Commercial Air Taxi service, in order to best serve you.