Our entire crew of experienced professionals is committed to making your hunt an “adventure of a lifetime”. 

At Arctic Red River Outfitters, we have always believed that there is much more to a great hunting experience than simply the harvesting of a trophy. The spectacular, game-rich country of the North Mackenzie Mountains in Canada’s Northwest Territories provides the perfect place for hunters of all ages and walks of life to enjoy true wilderness hunting the way it was meant to be.


The diversity of our area allows us to tailor your adventure to suit your personal goals. Our exclusive, 10,000 square mile hunting area is one of the most remote hunting destinations in North America, contains no roads or trails, and is completely undisturbed by development.






From Norman Wells, you will head to the mountains in a chartered bush aircraft we will have arranged for you, and will either bring you to our base camp, or directly to your hunt location depending on a number of factors. If you stop at base camp first, we will then take you to your hunting location in one of our company aircraft, where your guide will be waiting for you. All our hunts are strictly fair chase, and our aircraft are used only for the purpose of getting you into good game country. We operate a      fully licensed Commercial Air Taxi Service, authorized by Transport Canada and the Canadian Transportation Agency.



You and your guide will be comfortable and self-sufficient, staying in high quality, lightweight mountaineering tents, which we provide. You will be highly mobile, and will generally work your way through the mountain range in search of game. We also have several comfortable cabins situated at various locations in the heart of great game country, so you may stop at one of these for a day or two, or to escape bad weather if you happen to be in the area.

On the High Country Caribou hunts, or in the case of a family hunt, you may stay in one of these comfortable camps for the duration of your hunt. We put a great deal of time into planning your hunt, and choosing a great starting point for you, based on our knowledge of the area, and the seasonal distribution of game. Most of the time, you will be able to find great trophies in the area that you start your hunt in, but in the rare case that you aren’t, we can always move you to a different area later on in the hunt, if necessary, and weather permitting. We also float the Arctic Red River in whitewater rafts on some hunts, particularly later in the season when game is beginning to move onto its winter ranges. This is an exciting way to travel through a lot of spectacular country, and to see a lot of game.

During the September Caribou hunts, we have established heated tent frame camps for your comfort, although "spiking out" is sometimes required if the weather is warm, and the caribou are staying higher. After you are through hunting, you will be picked up either at your original point of departure or at  another prearranged    pick-up point and be flown back to base-camp for your flight back to Norman Wells.



The Arctic Red country is very well suited to bowhunting, due to the diversity of the terrain, and the very high game densities supported by exceptional winter range. We take a number of bowhunting clients every year, and have had great archery success on all of the primary species we hunt (Sheep, Moose, and Caribou). The ideal hunts for archery include the August High Country Caribou hunts, and the 15 day Sheep Hunt August 27-September 12. If you are interested in hunting big Mountain Caribou with a bow, the 10 day high country hunts in August give you lots of time to find a great bull, and stay on him until you get your opportunity. At that time of year, the bulls are living in small bachelor groups in the high basins, and so present you with chances for close stalking.

The 15 day hunt starting August 27 is ideal if you are interested in both sheep and caribou with the bow. At that time of the year, the rams begin to move down out of the highest summer ranges, and often spend time in more broken country, and at times on scattered timber ridges, making close stalks easier. The extra time in the hunt allows you to wait for the right stalk, and even to make multiple stalks if necessary. The Moose hunting is done during the rut in September, and calling is very effective in bringing your bull within range for a good shot- and some exciting close range action with a 1,500 animal animal as a bonus!

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For many, hunting on horseback in remote country is as good as it gets, and highlights the nostalgia of hunting in the North Country, when horses were the only feasible means of travel in the vast wilderness found in the region. Our excellent horse crew is here to provide you with an opportunity to enjoy this experience with us, and to explore seldom hunted country on one of a variety of horseback hunt options. On these hunts, you’ll be able to cover a great deal of country without packing heavy loads on your back, but will still spend much time hunting on foot, particularly for sheep. The country we hunt on horseback is excellent for all species, and consistently produces exceptional trophies.

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We supply all camp equipment, food, guides and our years of experience. Our equipment is top quality and is kept in excellent condition.

You are required to bring your personal gear— backpack, bedroll/sleeping pad, binoculars, rifle/ammunition, boots and clothing. A complete information letter that includes an equipment list with some recommendations is mailed to you well in advance of the hunt.

Our base-camp is equipped with satellite communications and HF radios enabling us to readily contact the "outside world" should the need arise. All of our guides carry hand-held satellite phones for safety and logistical reasons. Base-camp has comfortable log and frame cabins, shower facilities, meat-houses and other conveniences. We also have a number of out camps consisting of comfortable tent frames and cabins, which are used seasonally on particular types of hunts.